Many people have asked us this question on the verification of construction quality in a home. And it is ideal to understand the nature of the construction process that is passed through before the house is completed. Usually, this verification process still calls for the attention of experts in the real estate industry, e.g An architect, or a structural engineer. Nevertheless, below are quick means of verifying the quality of a structure before investing in it. Using Lagos state as a case study in Nigeria

  1. Request for the building permit

The Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA) is saddled with the responsibility of issuing building permits before any construction process starts. And this is to regulate and ensure proper quality processes are undergone thoroughly during the cause of the construction. Before LASPPPA issues a building permit, certain things are requested, which are, copies of the architectural design, copies of the structural design and some other related documents for approval. But for the purpose of this FAQ, we will be limited to just the structural and architectural designs.

Upon approval, The Lagos Building Control Agency (LASBCA)  will be from time to time on-site during construction to make sure that proper quality control measures are put in place during the construction processes. Although and not until recently, did many people have their ways of bribing this officer to procure low-quality materials for cost control on their part.

So, therefore, upon receipt of a copy of the building permit, kindly endeavour to contact your architect or your structural engineer for better advice.

  1. Request for a copy of the soil test result

Soil test results are also a vital document in the construction process, especially on the island. The reason has been that most of the lands on the island were sand-filled. Especially a high rise development property investment, a copy of the soil test results should be requested for to validate the texture of the soil because the robustness of the foundation of a building is determined by the nature of the soil. Usually, loamy or chalky or sandy soil is best because they dry up easily

  1. Request for architectural designs and structural designs

Although, this design forms part of the building approval requirements. But requesting it personally before making your real estate decision helps. And an expert e.g architect or structural engineer would be needed to analyze the beams, walls, and columns in the architectural drawing. With this, you will be able to find out the safety measures in place during the construction.


  1. Conduct a physical inspection yourself to see if there are cracks on the wall, the strength of the pillars and wall leakages and all.


  1. Check the developer’s past project.

Having a closer look at the past project of a developer you are buying from is also of great necessity. This will assist in determining his past flaws and how well they can be addressed in a warranty clause upon purchase. A warranty clause is an agreement stating the number of months or years to which any major structural defects will be addressed and repaired by a developer.

Over time, many real estate investors with the help of qualified real estate companies e.g 360luxe have been able to make lasting decisions on the best real estate investment platforms that we’re able to cater for any future unforeseen occurrences.

We have been able to assist many clients and even get involved for them in sending updates related to their OFFPLAN PROJECTS that we advised them to key into.

The best possible way to eradicate the issues of construction quality is to key into an off-plan project. With this, you can be active throughout the construction process and put an eye into quality control measures that are applied during the construction.

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