Frequently Asked

These are some of the questions we get asked the most

Unlike most regular unprofessional agents, we don’t charge inspections fee. Our facilities and resources are projected towards an instant delivery of client taste, and to such, we have factored into our services, what we call “Result Oriented”. To this effect both parties time are well managed to avoid any resources nor time wastage.

Due to the demands of our real estate services and the need to satisfy our various clients, we encourage our various prospect to give 3 hours notice before inspection. As this will enable us make proper arrangement for kind of property to inspect based on our gathered information from the prospective client.

Over the years, real estate has set standards in terms of professional services (AGENCY FEE, FACILITATORS FEE, BROKERAGE FEE). And to a large extent, some are fixed while some are flexible. Our agency fees charges on rental properties stood at 10%, while our sales brokerage fees charges are flexible depending on the volume of financial obligations required in closing the transactions. But most time, we relatively charge 5% on sales value.

Normally we don’t usually ask for client budget on some crucial property enquiries. But we ask this questions sometimes to ease and streamline our properties selections, if such budget or spending limit is fixed.

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