Before You Join In

What You Should Know

360luxe Limited is a Real Estate Sales And Marketing Agency Located on the Island of Lagos. You can check our About Page for more information about us. As an agency, we partner with developers, construction companies and individuals who own properties to sell leveraging our wide network coverage and in turn, we are given an agreed-upon commission for every successful sale we make for these our partners.

While we have brokered over NGN5B for our partners, we see a need to penetrate emerging markets of new home buyers, first-time property buyers, real estate investors and Nigerians in the Diaspora who are interested in buying properties back home. This is where you come in. We’d love to help you make more money and boost your income while you help us penetrate these targeted markets. When your referral buys, you will get a commission of 20% from the NET COMMISSION paid to us after tax. This way, we win together!

Due to the nature of our industry,  affiliates can sometimes go home with commissions as high as 4million to 8million for our high-end properties built for the upper class of the society. Commissions like this could be yours if you put in the work. That being said, you should know the following by heart.

  1. 360luxe Limited Affiliates are called Luxe Affiliates.
  2. You earn a commission for every property sale you make and for every property rental (for the first year of rental only) you make as well.
  3. We pay out our commissions in Naira Only.
  4. We DO NOT run a multilevel affiliate marketing program. No chain recognition whatsoever.
  5. We only recognise our direct affiliates. These are people who sign up with us through our affiliate page.
  6. Only the affiliate who brings the client(s) that eventually buys will receive a commission.
  7. 360luxe Limited only pays in commission and not in flat rates.
  8. The more expensive the property, the more you earn. However, we encourage newbies to begin with properties they can easily sell.
  9. Affiliates will get paid within 7 days of deal closure.
  10. Your affiliate id is the phone number you use in registering with us.
  11. Upon registration completion, you will be verified within 48 hours and the link to join the Luxe Affiliates WhatsApp group will be sent to your email and phone number.
  12. A means of identification will be required to complete your registration.
  13. We advise that you follow our IG page @360luxelimited for property updates as well.
  14. We reserve the right to terminate your affiliation with us.

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Please, provide accurate details only. You will need to upload your passport photograph (max of 1MB in size) and a valid means of identification (max of 1MB in size). The accepted file format is either jpg, jpeg or png.

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