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Beautiful Piece of Luxury

L5 Banana is a signature address within the prestigious Banana Island neighbourhood, designed for the upper class looking for out-of-the-ordinary homes that beats the conventional and an opportunity to reward themselves. The white exterior surfaces of the L5 Banana facade reflect and expresses the architectural elements in their purest forms. The warm and textured reveals, recessed and ceilings provide a contrast to the white shell to draw observers in.

Exquisite Looking Lobby Where Splendour Makes a Grand Entrance

You will arrive to the calm aura of an exclusive modern lobby and the accompanying luxury ornaments placed all around this elegant space.

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Contemporary Fancy-Paralled Elevators

You will take in the calm, relaxing ride as you glide through the dedicated high-speed elevators, giving you a smooth procession to your treasured abode.

Experience The Cool Of the Open Lagoon

How else would you want to experience a waterfront living if not by stepping into opulence to enjoy the beauty of the open lagoon as the cool and soothing breeze touched your skin to bring comfort and calmness to your soul. With our beautifully designed jetty providing habour, you enjoy finesse of sea dining and the life of the party at L5 Banana Island.

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Lagoon Front Pool Where Nature Floats In The Air

You get to experience the view of the lagoon from the pool, experiencing the calm of the ocean floating in the air bringing soothing to your soul. All of it while the light floods onto the carefully curated lagoon garden, adding to a richly gratifying ambience.

Where The Finer Things Of Life Gets Better

Ready to plan your day with a pleasant mix of everything you enjoy most? From getting your morning workout at the state-of-the-art gym or taking a run through Banana Island. Have quick meetings at your favourite restaurant spot or cafe all while the little ones have a blast at their own playground.

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The Apartments Where High Flyers Touch Down In Style

Come home to umpeccable style with L5 interiors, a tribute to exquisite finishes and bold designs that reflect an elevated style of life. From the lobby to the living spaces, every inch is a true testament of taste - with high ceilings and fine details. The front-facing apartments feature functional designed kitchens fitted with artwork wall separations that transform your living room into a space to entertain your discerning guests.

The Little Ones Are Not Left Out

Even the little ones get to spend quality time amongst their peers with security and security systems installed to guarantee their safety. There is no limit to the fun they are allowed to enjoy wjilst outside in an environment that allows them to be their best self.

Functional Looking Kitchen

Where you experience and cook the best meal like a chef. Prepare some of the best meal whilst treating your guest to fine dinning experience at your home. With state-of-the-art looking kitchens fitted with best in class finishings, you can definitely accentuate your home meal experiences.

With Banana Island Located In Ikoyi

The L5 Banana homes is situated amidst the home of comfort and affluence. Ikoyi holds and strongly retains the title of the most affluent community in Lagos State, Nigeria. Located in Eti-Osa Local Government Area, Ikoyi is house to many oil companies, luxury estates, premium apartments and some of the best schools in Nigeria like the Lagos Preparatory School. Beyond Lagos State, Ikoyi is one of the wealthiest communities in Nigeria. Welcome to your comfort! You deserve this Ultimate Reward.

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